Formula Drift 2018

#DrifterR1 Long Beach 🇺🇸R2 Orlando 🇺🇸R3 Atlanta 🇺🇸R4 New Jersey 🇺🇸R5 Monroe 🇺🇸R6 St. Louis 🇺🇸R7 Texas 🇺🇸R8 Irwindale 🇺🇸Total
1James Deane708652105104528739595
2Fredric Aasbo104718536361076884591
3Piotr Wiecek71526835716710538507
4Chris Forsberg52103685119513520399
5Justin Pawlak5253397169523619391
6Ryan Tuerck5268343584195236380
7Matt Field3635358451863418379
8Chelsea Denofa3518521836686767361
9Aurimas Bakchis3552357036363651351
10Daijiro Yoshihara3535545135355153349
11Ken Gushi1852505135533452345
12Forrest Wang853535510353667344
13Vaughn Gittin Jr34181936343451103329
14Kristaps Bluss3535104345435180315
15Alec Hohnadell5120353519193835252
16Michael Essa3518352019361836217
17Matt Coffman3518191850191834211
18Jhonnattan Castro1834191818341934194
19Jeff Jones1818181834343518193
20Dirk Stratton1935181818181935180
21Matt Vankirk R1835183518181818178
22Dan Burkett1818341818181818160
23Dean Kearney03518181818051158
24Kazuya Taguchi1818181818181818144
25Federico Sceriffo181801818181818126
26Kyle Mohan181818181818180126
27Kevin Lawrence181818181818180126
28Alex Heilbrunn181803651000123
29Faruk Kugay18180181801818108
30Austin Meeks18181800181818108
31Taylor Hull001801818181890
32Ryan Litteral000180051069
33Cameron Moore180003500053

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