Oman International Drift Championship 2023 results

OIDC photo

NikNak wins in Oman as Daham’s engine explodes


Lithuanians shine in Oman as Čirba gets a win in round 2

Oman IDC

No Europeans on the podium as A. Maksheed wins round 3 in Oman!

Oman IDC

A. Maksheed wins Oman championship!

#DrifterR1 QR1R2 QR2R3 QR3R4 QR4Total
1Ali Maksheed 🇰🇼1325809100980316
2Benediktas Čirba 🇱🇹548810011481132263
3Nasser Alharbali11611324804100248
4Nikolass Bertans 🇱🇻6100138132564247
5Ahmad Daham 🇯🇴78063210481048241
6Andrius Vasiliauskas 🇱🇹132956648748207
7Alan Hynes1164464256  201
8Ahmed Al Amri116748864332179
9Haitham Alhadidy1032132516856160
10Steve Baggsy 🇬🇧948232132132157
11Edgars Krogers 🇱🇻156116116648145
12Clint Von Oort 🇳🇱316148132132134
13Tymur Lypski 🇺🇦2321048116116126
14Nicholas Solomon 🇺🇸148116116132116
15Tariq Alshaihani832116716132113

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