Formula Drift 2020

#DrifterR1 St. Louis 🇺🇸R2 St. Louis 🇺🇸R3 Monroe 🇺🇸R4 Monroe 🇺🇸R5 Texas 🇺🇸R6 Texas 🇺🇸R7 Irwindale 🇺🇸R8 Irwindale 🇺🇸Total
1Vaughn Gittin Jr323210010076886448540
2Chelsea Denofa32100326432767688500
3Ryan Tuerck88763276100483232484
4Fredric Aasbo100328816484810016448
5Chris Forsberg64323248881003232428
6Aurimas Bakchis76883232323216100408
7Justin Pawlak4848488816321676372
8Michael Essa3248761632328832356
9Jeff Jones3232164864323264320
10Taylor Hull3216484848324848320
11Kazuya Taguchi4832483232484832320
12Adam LZ1616323248644832288
13Daijiro Yoshihara3232643232483216288
14Matt Field3264483232323216288
15Dylan Hughes4848323216161632240
16Jonathan Nerren1616161648321648208
17Dean Kearney1616164832323216208
18Ken Gushi1648161616161648192
19Travis Reeder1632161616164832192
20Dan Burkett4832161616163216192
21Jhonnattan Castro1616161632163216160
22Wataru Masuyama1616323216161616160
23Ryan Litteral1616161616161632144
24Rome Charpentier1616161616161616128
25Faruk Kugay1616161616161616128
26Alec Robbins32161632001616128
27Tyler Nelson1616161616160096
28Kyle Mohan00001616161664
29Joao Barion16161616000064
30Yves Meyer16161616000064

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