Formula Drift 2022

Aasbo and Field crash gives Tuerck a win in Long Beach

Aasbo beats Forsberg in Atlanta

Hughes claims first win

Reeder claims his first win at Formula Drift

Formula Drift

Taguchi scores first win at Formula Drift

Formula Drift

DeNofa becomes sixth winner in six rounds as 2022 PRO Championship keeps everybody guessing

Formula Drift

Gushi beats Aasbo in Utah

Formula Drift

The perfect weekend for Norwegian

#DrifterR1 Long Beach 🇺🇸R2 Atlanta 🇺🇸R3 Orlando 🇺🇸R4 Englishtown 🇺🇸R5 St. Louis 🇺🇸R6 Monroe 🇺🇸R7 Grantsville 🇺🇸R8 Irwindale 🇺🇸Total
1FREDRIC AASBO801018367526794103647
2MATT FIELD9283808080915252610
3RYAN TUERCK10367526791673591573
4CHELSEA DENOFA69546983351028052544
5CHRIS FORSBERG6791915235816735519
6DYLAN HUGHES67351005368676952511
7TRAVIS REEDER35526810035525267461
8KEN GUSHI35353567805210052456
9AURIMAS BAKCHIS8080355252355267453
10ROME CHARPENTIER6735359152353552402
11WATARU MASUYAMA5235355267526737397
12BRANDEN SORENSEN5267355235353568379
13JEFF JONES356752052523580373
14MICHAEL ESSA3535673735523567363
15JUSTIN PAWLAK3552356737523535348
16KAZUYA TAGUCHI052525210338520349
17MIKE POWER R3552353552356735346
18DAN BURKETT356752353580035339
19JONATHAN HURST5235353552355235331
20DANIEL STUKE R523567523505235328
21TAYLOR HULL523552353567520328
22DEAN KEARNEY520523552523535313
23NICK NOBACK R3535353567353535312
24SIMEN OLSEN353503535358052307
25ADAM LZ353535353535080290
26ALEC ROBBINS355235350353552279
27YVES MEYER353552355235035279
28JHONNATTAN CASTRO52523500525335279
29RYAN LITTERAL350355235353535262
30FEDERICO SCERIFFO05235356735350259
31KYLE MOHAN52350035353552244
32DARREN KELLY R35355235003535227
33OLA JAEGER R03535353503535210
34JOAO BARION35350353535035210
35JOSHUA LOVE R3500035353535175
36TRENTON BEECHUM00353500350105

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