Can a drifter drive a touring car?

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled battle as Latvian drift sensation Nikolass Bertans, also known as “NIK NAK,” and Lithuanian Touring Car racer Tauras Tunyla go head-to-head in an epic showdown of Drift Vs Grip. In this one-day event, these talented athletes swapped race machines, pushing their skills to the limit.

NIK NAK took control of the race-developed Hyundai i30N TCR, a turbocharged beast boasting 350 bhp, slick tires, and a full aero package. Meanwhile, Tauras had the exciting challenge of taming a 700bhp V8-powered drift car. The Biķernieki race circuit near Riga, Latvia, witnessed these Monster Energy-backed athletes tearing up the asphalt in this Baltic horsepower crossover event.

After experiencing the raw power of the custom-built V8 drift machine, Tauras, the five-time Lithuanian National Karting Champion, exclaimed, “It really feels like 700bhp, that’s for sure! It’s pretty sick!” He pushed himself to feel the inertia of the car as it slid, amazed by its incredible response. Despite initial concerns about tire wear, Tauras embraced the unique challenge of drifting and left with a newfound passion for the sport.

Comparing his Hyundai i30N TCR to the drift car, Tauras acknowledged the striking differences between circuit racing and drifting, from setup to power delivery and handling. Nevertheless, he discovered that elements of his driving skills translated well, thanks to the importance of balance in both disciplines. Tauras expressed his enthusiasm for drifting, claiming he was hooked and eager to explore more opportunities in this exhilarating motorsport.

For NIK NAK, who had already enjoyed a successful season, including a win in the Oman International Drift Championship, the experience was described as “crazy, crazy crazy fun but weird.” NIK NAK marvelled at its smoothness, precision, and physicality when adjusting to the TCR car. The front-wheel-drive Hyundai offered a completely different driving experience, contrasting with his usual drift car’s rear-wheel power delivery and “steering.” Despite the unfamiliarity, NIK NAK appreciated the accuracy and feedback he received through his hands, likening the sensation to a massive go-kart.

The event served as an eye-opening opportunity for both drivers, immersing them in the contrasting worlds of drifting and circuit racing. As NIK NAK and Tauras reflect on their exhilarating experience, they express gratitude for exploring new horizons and pushing their skills to the limits. Stay tuned for more incredible motorsport adventures, and be sure to subscribe to our channel for thrilling content like this!

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