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2004 “FORMULA DRIFT®” was born in the United States
. Currently, the “FORMULA DRIFT® Pro Championship” series is the main competition, and two categories of the Pro2 series are being held.
Drifting is a motor sport that requires a very high level of technique, in which the four wheels slide while the driver turns the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the turn to control the car. , North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

In North America, where “FORMULA DRIFT®” is held, competitions are held on familiar oval courses and urban courses. It has become a big event with over 100,000 spectators. Drift, which was born in Japan, has established itself as an entertainment and motor sport in the United States, and has become a big event that calls for a big movement.

A Japanese man named Kazuhiko Iwata was deeply concerned about the current state of motor sports in Japan and wanted to hand down his beloved motor sports to future generations. Talking about his passion and enthusiasm over and over again, he persuaded him to invite him to Japan.

The course will be held as a pre-season event at the foot of Mt. Fuji, which can be said to be a symbol of Japan, at the international racing course Fuji Speedway. From the following year, 2015, “FORMULA DRIFT®” and “International series” of “FORMULA DRIFT® JAPAN” will be held at Japan’s leading racing courses such as Tsukuba Circuit, Fuji Speedway, Suzuka Twin Circuit, and Okayama International Circuit. Held 4 races. Since then, Ebisu Circuit, which is popular with drift fans all over the world, has been added to the race calendar to this day.

The greatest appeal of the FORMULA DRIFT® is its powerful driving that appeals to people’s sensibilities. Three judges will be invited from the United States, and the judging will be based on the same scoring standards as in the United States. The scoring style that seriously faces the drift has been well received by the participating drivers.

In accordance with strict technical regulations and sporting regulations, unique “powerful machines and exhaust sounds” and “driver techniques”, American-style open paddocks that lower the barrier between spectators and teams, etc. “FORMULA DRIFT® JAPAN”, which has a slightly different atmosphere, is a must-check motor sports category for car lovers.

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