Conor Shanahan will drive a Red Bull-branded LHD car in the FD

This week on the Outerzone, the Official Podcast of Formula Drift hosted by Jacob Gettins, Conor Shanahan makes his debut on the show. They chat about the perception of the US drifting from Europe, how he is preparing for a double season, and some hints about the car he will be piloting.


He will drive an LHD car;

The car will be Red Bull branded – it’s a return of the energy drink company to Formula Drift;

He will drive a new engine and chassis setup, but not GT86;

There is so much unknown about the vehicle.

Drifting and championships

New sponsors made it happen;

It’s a dream to come to the USA;

Hopefully, Conor will return in 2025;

Last year, he was writing notes watching FD broadcasts;

Drift Masters come more like work, and he has to win as he is the championship;

Conor will be more relaxed in Formula Drift;

He relies a lot on the foot braking during chase runs;

The most exciting bit will be to drive on the oval;

He will miss round 3 Orlando;

There is a plan to bring Shanahan’s team to Formula Drift with two GT86s;

Conor couldn’t be a drift judge;

The biggest challenge for drifting – making the sport bigger;

Running the FD rounds in a big arena or stadium would be great. Like the NHL and NBA;

Jack Shanahan and Tor Arne Kvia are the men to watch in Drift Masters this year;

Piotr Wiecek’s drift program is impossible, and beating him on the track is hard;

Conor became exceptionally skilled in drifting thanks to his participation in the competitive Irish drifting scene;

Odi Bakchis is incredible at chasing.

Other stuff

James Deane is a Guinness expert;

Conor prefers different beers or whiskeys.

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