Drift Masters round 1 qualification (Conor is out!)

Prepare for the first round of the Drift Masters circus at Ricardo Tormo race track in Spain! Follow qualification with drift.news!

During free practice, Piotr Wiecek and Juha Rintanen blew their engines but managed to get on the track.

#DrifterRun 1Run 2
1Igor Derenko00
2Marc Huertes
3Ruben Bolanos5343.5
4Joan Caballer00
5Joan Vieira00
6Oscar Ruiz4649
7Steve Biagioni060
8Ole Peter Vatn4666.5
9Jason Banet6673.5
10Fionn Roche710
11Edgars Krogeris6951.5
12Piotr Kozlowski6251
13Conor Falvey00
14Josiah Fallaise
15Ryusei Akiba410
16Nasser Alharbali00
17Joshua Reynolds00
18Yves Meyer5068.5
19Manuel Vacca067.5
20Dawid Sposob5074
21Ali Makhseed6394.5
22Mika Keski-Korpi73.50
23Clint Van Oort8667.5
24Teemu Peltola
25Jakub Krol79.50
26Alex Holovnia6879.5
27Itay Sadeh59.50
28Juha Poytalaakso76.578.5
29Pontus Hartman081.5
30Adam Zalewski59.574.5
31Tor Arne Kvia720
32Nikolass Bertans44.50
33Max Heidrich5869.5
34Michal Reichert6981
35Joakim Andersson69.579.5
36Orjan Nilsen82.587
37Oliver Randalu7268.5
38Marco Zakouril081.5
39Jakub Przygonski82.5
40Pawel Korpulinski85.576.5
41Benediktas Čirba91.586.5
42Kevin Piskolty7887
43Diogo Correia72.567.5
44Kevin Pesur46.583
45Duane McKeever75.50
46Jack Shanahan7377.5
47Piotr Wiecek80.587.5
48Juha Rintatnen70.570.5
49Lauri Heinonen8589
50Conor Shanahan066.5

Run 1

Ruben Bolanos is the first man to put scores on the board – 53. Baggsy scores 0.

Fionn Roche – first man into 70s – 71 points.

Clint Van Oort moves to first – 86!

Čirba scores 91.5 and moves to the top of the board.

The average score of run 1 is only 51.66 points – the lowest in a couple of years!

Run 2

Ali Makhseed scores 94.5 and moves to the top!

Qualification Showdown (Top 4)

Ali Makhseed – Piotr Wiecek / Ali wins.

Benediktas Čirba – Lauri Heinonen / Čirba wins.

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