OIDC R2 – drivers quotes

James Deane secured yet another qualification for the Oman International Drift Championship, while Ahmad Daham celebrated his first win of the season. After a thrilling second round, let’s hear what the drivers had to say.

What an insane day, at the second round of the Oman international championship. I’m speechless!! an insane amount of contact between everyone but at the end of the day, I found myself at the top of the podium. Definitely not the way I wanted it as I was itching to battle with the guys at the final round. It’s now down to round three to see where everybody ends up

Ahmad Daham
Ahmad Daham

It’s been a while since I posted anything, but here I am, 2024, first podium this year! As for the last 4 years, we are ack Oman Drift Champship, and I have to say, this year is hella tough… round 1 was harsh, round 2 full of action and I managed to get on the 3rd step on the podium after hard battles, and still have a car that is in one piece unlike James Deane or Ali Maksheed. Those guys and a couple of others had a tough weekend.

So I can’t brag about it much… definitely not the performance I expected from myself, but in the end, I don’t feel so bad just need to clear my mind and head on. I hope to do better in round 3 and have smooth, clean battles. It’s always fun to compete in Oman, and I want to keep feeling that way!

Thank you guys for joining us at the track or supporting us LIVE, I’m thankful to see all the reposts and stories from you guys. Let’s hope for the best next week and do our best.

Nikolass Bertans

Not the battle we were hoping for. Led James Deane straight into the wall. 4th place international. 2nd place MENA. Feel bad for wrecking the cars! thanks for checking up on me. We will see you next weekend for the final round Oman International Drift Championship

Ali Maksheed
Oman Automobile Association

The controversial run against Niknak that we lost.
And to be clear, it’s normal to get hit, and it happens to all of us at this level when you are trying to do your absolute best.
Judges just didn’t see the hit or what happened in reality, but this video explains why I had to stop because when he hit my front wheel, I lost control of the steering wheel, and it put my wheels straight.
Even if I somehow would have kept the throttle, it would have ended in a spin or the wall or… Who knows..

Juha Rintanen
Oman Automobile Association

It’s all love all the way around! Maybe it didn’t turn out the way we expected, but as long as I have my dream team with me – it’s all good. We do have one more chance to turn things around. But what happened today is a win in my books – to battle such a driver as James Deane and put on this magnificent show of speed and smoke is why we love this sport in the first place.
Thank you once again, for being here everyone. And let’s hope we’ll have many more moments together

Benediktas Čirba
Oman Automobile Association

Total carnage!! Yesterday was a hectic day. There were a lot of crashes and repairs for the team. and a lot of close calls, but we managed to get into the top 8 and finished 7th place in this round! Crashed in my lead against Ali Maksheed not the way I had in my mind but things happen!

The team did an amazing job, and thank everyone who helped us out amazingly! Let’s fix the S14 so she’s ready for round 3. I cannot wait!

Clint van Oort

We are making progress. Qualified together with Denis Migal. We are bringing the car to life, although it is still resisting. The championship is short, and 2 rounds have already passed, of course, it is not permissible to go with such preparation, it really hinders the achievement of results, but thanks to the willpower of our small team, we are moving forward, and something is already emerging, for example, a good race with James Deane, I’m glad to ride against this pilot. By the way, at the end of the finishing arc, the bypass belt broke, which whistled after warming up right before the start … We took 5 minutes and installed a new one, and continued the hit.. Things like that, we’ll meet in literally 4 days at the next round of OIDC!

Damir Idiyatulin

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