Oman 2024 R1: Deane beats Rintanen in the final!

The Oman International Drift Championship is back! Read more about yesterday’s qualification. Tandems will start today at 4:10 PM (GMT +4).

Top 32

James Deane lead run – no problems there. Babagulian – incomplete run as James overtakes him on the track.

Benediktas Čirba – Al Hadidy. Good run from Čirba, but Al Hadidy close. Benediktas wins and will face James in the Top 16.

Ahmad Daham moves to the Top 16. C. van Oort wins as D. Magsumov crashes. W. Al Balushi crashes. Denis Migal eliminated Ali Maksheed. Ali got an incomplete during his lead run.

S. Fontijn wins his Top 32 battle. V. Joensuu crashes and is out of the competition. Chris Brady moves to the Top 16.

NikNak spins out and is out of the competition – Edgards Krogeris moves to the second stage. Andreas Lilja is out of the competition due to technical problems – the rear subframe.

Top 16

James Deane – Benediktas Čirba. James gave a great lead and a great chase from Benediktas! Deane moves to the Top 8.

Ahmad Daham is out. T. Alshaihani crashes into the barriers.

R. Al Mabsali suffers technical problems, and S. Fontijn advances to the Top 8. C. Brady shuts it down in a battle with Latvian E. Krogeris. J. Rintanen beats his opponent.

Top 8

N. Al Harbali was literally on fire during his fight with James Deane. Irishman moves to the Top 4.

Clint takes the win against Al Amri and will face James in the semifinal.

The great battle between Fontijn and Krogers! Latvian advances to the Top 4. Juha and H. Al Hosani – great show and OMT! It was a messy run from both drivers. Al Hosani left the first OZ too early, and that caused the decision.

Top 4

J. Deane vs. C. Oort. Irishman was much faster than Clint in the lead position and advanced to the final.

J. Rintanen – E. Krogeris. Two great runs, and Juha advances to the final.

Battle for 3rd

Oort – Krogeris. Krogers wins.


Deane – Rintanen. James takes the first place.

Championship standings.

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