Update from James Deane

Three-time Formula Drift champion James Deane has shared an update on current events and jobs!

The Deane Motorsport team is currently working on the Nissan S15. They have removed the sealant, and the car is getting a new paint job at the S&B Auto Body Shop. During the process, James showcased his welding skills.

For the first time in 2024, the Irishman visited the RTR shop in the United States for the first time. James had previously driven a Mustang in Irwindale and, unfortunately, suffered a massive crash. The car is no longer salvageable, and James had to take three months off to recover fully.

A new chassis will be built in 2024 with a few changes, including a more comfortable seating position and a redesigned cage to provide more headroom.

Additionally, James showed some footage from the Chelsea DeNofa championship win celebration and the Ford Performance season launch.

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