Rovanpera wins qualification in Poland

Welcome to Poland, to the last round of the Drift Masters European Championship. Read more about championship standings.

Kalle Rovanpera won the qualification in Warsaw, scoring 99 points! Kevin Piskolty was second, and Lauri Heinonen third. More info is bellow.

Friday practice

Qualification run #1

Adam LZ scores 64 points. K. Romanowski crashes his BMW E46 into the wall. Kalle Rovanpera scores 93 and moves to first place!

Adam Zalewski scores 89 points (3rd at the moment), and Orjan Nilsen has an incomplete run.

Max Heidrich archives 91, Marco Zakouril – 92 (2nd at the moment).

Kevin Piskolty – 94 and Benediktas Čirba crashes! Duane McKeever – 88. Piotr Wiecek – 87. Jack Shanahan – spins!

Lauri Heinonen – 94 (2nd). Conor Shanahan – 95 (1st).

Qualification run #2

Adam LZ – 75 points and only 34th place. Dawid Karkosik – 80. Timur Lypskyi – crash. Norbert Zamiec is out of competition with 77 points run.

Max Miller improves – 87 points, 14th place. Clint van Oort – 96.

Kalle Rovanpera moves to the top of the board with 99!

Jakub Krol – 95 (3rd). Itay Sadeh – 82. Teemu Peltola – spin (25th at the moment). Alex Holovnia – 94. Pawel Grosz – 82. Adam Zalewski – 94 (5th). Orjan Nilsen – 83 (27th). Marco Zakouril – 93. Pawel Korpulinski – 91.

Oliver Randalu – 83 (29th). Eryk Goczal – 83 (30th). Kevin Piskolty – 98 (2nd). Benediktas Čirba – 95 (5th).

Duane McKeever – 92 (12th). Piotr Wiecek – 91 (14th). Juha Rintanen – 81.

Jack Shanahan – 92 (14th). Lauri Heinonen – 96 (3rd). Conor Shanahan – 5th.

Tandem bracket

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