Drift Kings Greece: Giori and Janušauskaitė Secure Championship

This past weekend at the Serres Circuit in Greece was marked by irreplaceable moments as the adrenaline-fueled world of drift racing came to life. A total of 4 races and 6 podiums made this event one to remember! Greece has always been a favoured destination, particularly the Serres Racing Circuit, where the flawless layout beckons drifting enthusiasts, the audience exudes enthusiasm, and the weather unfailingly adds to the ambience.

Our three-day extravaganza commenced with Friday’s practice and qualification rounds for the Pro, Pro2, and Queen Series. The Queen title seemed within Sandra Janusauskaite’s grasp, while the battle for the Pro2 crown raged on among three talented contenders. As for the ProSeries, its fate will be sealed in Cyprus later this month. The qualification rounds gave us a preview of what was to come, with Marco Zakouril leading the ProSeries, Richard Miklos dominating Pro2, and Natalia Iocsak holding the reins in the Queen rankings.

Saturday arrived in all its glory, marked by electrifying battles captured in our gallery of pictures and official videos. The weather was perfect, the audience was electric, and the drivers were nothing short of phenomenal. Amidst intense competition, Marco Zakouril emerged victorious, triumphing over esteemed competitors in a breathtaking final. Equally deserving of applause was Calin Ciortan, who showcased his top-tier skills once more.

In the Pro2 category, the spotlight shone on the promising Bulgarian newcomer, Plamen Filipov, whose talent promises a thrilling 2024 season. Meanwhile, Alice Ene, the 2021 Queen champion, seized victory over the reigning 2022 champion, Natalia Iocsak.

With the conclusion of the Pro2 and Queen series, we proudly announce Francesco Giori from Italy and Sandra Janušauskaitė from Lithuania as our new champions. Their consistent performance throughout the season has earned them a well-deserved place in our Hall of Fame for this 19th season. For the updated general rankings, be sure to visit our website.

Last but not least, the inaugural Nations Cup, where eight national teams vied for the prestigious trophy, was a historic event. We are delighted to proclaim the National Team Cyprus as the first-ever champion, thanks to their unwavering dedication and skilful performances. It’s a well-deserved tribute to the visionary man behind the Nations Cup concept, Mr Andros Antoniou.

Despite a relatively modest performance by the Cypriot drivers during the Pro/Pro2 race on Saturday, they showed remarkable competitiveness on Sunday. Notably, Simos Tikis secured the pole position, followed closely by Giorgos Christoforou and Pambos Charalambous, highlighting Cyprus’s exceptional team effort.

Thrilling battles ensued in the Top 8 and Top 4, witnessing Cyprus triumph over Bulgaria due to an unexpected mechanical failure. The encounters between the Czech Republic and Lithuania were fiercely contested, with notable performances from renowned drivers like Marco Zakouril and Gediminas Levickas. Meanwhile, the Greek team showcased their prowess, claiming victories over the Polish team and the Lithuanian team, securing a spot in the final match alongside Cyprus.

Ultimately, in a spectacular face-off, Cyprus emerged victorious, with Pambos Charalambous leading the charge and securing the Nations Cup title, marking his second triumph at the Serres Circuit during a Drift Kings event. Mark your calendars for the upcoming Pro Series Final at Achna Speedway from October 20th to 22nd. We can’t wait to witness another exhilarating chapter in the world of drift racing!

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