Drifting returns to the FIA Motorsport Games

Drifting, one of the most popular categories of the first two editions of the FIA Motorsport Games is set to return for 2024’s third edition, which will be held in Valencia, Spain, from October 23 to 27.

In one of the initial categories from 2019’s inaugural FIA Motorsport Games in Rome, drivers from 22 nations gathered to compete at Vallelunga. Dmitriy Illyuk triumphed as the inaugural Drifting gold medalist for Team Ukraine.

For 2022 in Marseille, 30 nations lined up for a sideways battle for success, with Kristaps Blušs from Latvia taking the gold medal, defeating Kuwait’s Ali Makhseed in the final. Jakub Przygoński from Poland took the bronze medal.

In Valencia, a purpose-built drifting circuit is being designed for the FIA Motorsport Games. It will be located adjacent to the main track at Circuit Ricardo Tormo, allowing drifting and circuit disciplines to take place simultaneously in October.

“Drifting is still a relatively young discipline that was only embraced by the FIA as recently as 2017. Therefore, participation in the FIA Motorsport Games is an absolute pinnacle and a chance for each nation’s best competitors to shine on the international stage,” said Koichi Murata, FIA Drifting Commission President.

“Given that drifting is currently one of the most accessible forms of motorsport and its popularity across the globe, it fits the spirit of the FIA Motorsport Games very well. I’m expecting a strong entry, both in terms of geographical diversity as well as sporting level, that will result in a great show in Valencia this October.”

The FIA adopted drifting as a recognised discipline in 2017. The Intercontinental Drifting Cup was launched, and the FIA worked to develop drifting at the national level worldwide through sporting regulations and training for officials and judges.

“Drifting might be one of the fastest-growing disciplines in motorsport, but for many, it’s still a brand-new sport.,” said Eline Berķe Bluša, FIA Motorsport Games Drifting Coordinator.

“I am really glad that drifting is a part of this fantastic event. The FIA Motorsport Games brings together drivers from different disciplines in one place. It’s a fantastic feeling to see the different worlds of motorsport showing each other what each one does. 

“Considering that drifting is one of the newest disciplines, we are happy to watch how drivers of various other motorsports evaluate drifters, their abilities, and what they have done on the track. 

‘In drifting, the best drifter from each country will participate, making this competition one of the most decisive to determine who is the best drifter in the world at the moment.”

In this unique category of drifting, success is not determined by speed. The three event judges consider the angle of drift, line, and style, adding scores from the three criteria for a maximum of 100 points in qualifying.

In tandem battles, including the gold medal competition, the chasing driver’s ability to mirror the lead driver’s angle, speed, and style, as well as their proximity to that lead driver, is taken into consideration.

“Drifting was hugely popular at the first two FIA Motorsport Games in Rome and Valencia, and I’m certain 2024 will be even bigger and better,” said Stéphane Ratel, SRO Motorsports Group Founder and CEO.

“The images and video that were pushed out to the world from Marseille were just amazing, and having Drifting as part of the Games helps us achieve our goal of showcasing unique and different forms of motorsport competition.

“We’re very excited to be able to create a unique and bespoke circuit for the Drifting competition at Circuit Ricardo Tormo. We’re starting without any limitations. With a blank sheet of paper, we’ll be able to deliver a spectacular and challenging course.”

The 2024 edition of FIA Motorsport Games will feature 27 different motorsport categories – a massive increase from 16 in Valencia and six at the inaugural games in Rome.

Entries for the 2024 FIA Motorsport Games are currently being accepted via the dedicated FIA registration platform. The deadline is 23 September. 

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