NikNak wins the last Oman qualification! (tandem table)

The Oman International Drift Championship qualifications’ final round begins today at 6:30 PM (GMT+4), and there is no time to waste. Buckle up and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride!

James Deane leads the championship, followed by Ahmad Daham, Juha Rintanen, and Clint van Oort. However, there are still other contenders in the race for the title. Read more about it.

Check the updated standings before the Top32.

Run 1

Damir Idiyatulin – the first man to score 70. Victor Joensuu moves to the first with 76.7! Ihab Falah gets 79.3.

Chris Brady – the first man with 80!

Maksheed moves to first with 83. Hazaa Al Hosani – 87!

Sebastian Fontijn joins the 90s club – 92! Great run from Juha Rintanen – 91, he’s second.

James Deane performs his first run – 95. WOW!

#DrifterBest Q1 run
1James Deane95
2Sebastian Fontijn 92
3Juha Rintanen91
4Ahmad Daham89.7
5Hazaa Al Hosani87
6Benediktas Čirba86
7Nikolas Bertāns 85.7
8Ahmed Al Amri83.3
9Ali Maksheed 83
10Clint van Oort82.7

Run 2

Let’s go! At the moment, there are not many improvements.

Tariq Al Shaihani – 87.7. He is 5th at the moment! An impressive run from Ali Maksheed – 92.3!

Benediktas Čirba moves to the top with 95.3! What a run from NikNak – 96.3!

Nasser Al Harbali puts some scores on the board – 76.

In the second run for James Deane – the machine scores 95.3, and Niknak wins the qualification.

DrifterRun 1Run 2Best
James Deane9595
Ahmad Daham89.78989.7
Juha Rintanen917691
Clint van Oort82.784.384.3
Ahmed Al Amri83.384.384.3
Edgars Krogeris77.775.377.7
Nasser Al Harbali07676
Nikolas Bertāns85.796.396.3
Benediktas Čirba8695.395.3
Sebastian Fontijn 9273.792
Hazaa Al Hosani877287
Ali Maksheed8392.392.3
Chris Brady8077.380
Samer Sabeh47.764.347.7
Mohamed Chehab69.77777
Tariq Al Shaihani75.587.787.7
Denis Migal565757
Linus Joensuu62.34862.3
Ali Al Shaihani6363
Salem Al Saraf77.3077.3
Zai Bullzai63.775.763.7
Ryadh Al Mabsali068.30
Ihab Falah79.36879.3
Robert Babagulian6473.764
Hussein Messelmani69069
Victor Joensuu 76.772.376.7
Damir Idiyatulin7055.770
Andreas Lilja 00
Waqqas Al Balushi4844.748
Daniel Magsumov2041.741.7
Fadah Al Jadei36.76767
Khalifa Al Falasi017.717.7
Zahir Al Shagsi000
Mohammad Khoursheed5858.0
Anson Tann Yuit Hand
Sultan Al Balushi000
Han Bin49.315.349.3
Marzouq Al Mutairi47.339.347.3
Adeel Yaqoob13.728.728.7
Mohammad Al Mansoori65065
Ashley Sison000
Audel Sison000
Abdullah Jawad60.3060.3

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