The third Drift Masters driver announcement

The Drift Masters Grand Prix organizers have officially announced another 11 drivers participating in the highly anticipated 2024 drift season.

We’re super excited to announce that Juha Rintanen, Jakub Przygonski, Benediktas Čirba, Josiah Fallaise, Pontus Hartman, Jakub Krol, Marco Zakouril, Pawel Korpulinski, Diogo Correia and Michal Reichert will also be competing in the season ahead

First announcement.

Second announcement.

The last drivers will be announced on the 14th of March.

Drifters for the 2024 season

CountryNumber of driftersDrifters
Poland 🇵🇱6Piotr Wiecek
Jakub Przygonski
Adam Zalewski
Jakub Krol
Pawel Korpulinski
Piotr Kozlowski
Ireland 🇮🇪4Conor Shanahan
Jack Shanahan
Conor Falvey
Fionn Roche
Finland 🇫🇮4Lauri Heinonen
Juha Rintanen
Teemu Peltola
Mika Keski-Korpi
Switzerland 🇨🇭2Yves Meyer
Joshua Reynolds
Czechia 🇨🇿2Marco Zakouril
Michal Reichert
Estonia 🇪🇪2Kevin Pesur
Oliver Randalu
Japan 🇯🇵1Ryusei Akiba
Hungary 🇭🇺1Kevin Piskolty
Portugal 🇵🇹1Diogo Correia
Lithuania 🇱🇹1Benediktas Čirba
Sweden 🇸🇪1Pontus Hartman
Canada 🇨🇦1Josiah Fallaise
El Salvador 🇸🇻1Nasser Alharbali
Italy 🇮🇹1Manuel Vacca
Israel 🇮🇱1Itay Sadeh
Germany 🇩🇪1Max Heidrich
Kuwait 🇰🇼1Ali Makhseed
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