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DMEC 2023 (analysis after Top 16)

The 2023 Drift Masters European season has been captivating so far. The winner of the championship will be revealed in Warsaw, Poland. However, the question remains – who will take the title? After the Top 16, three drivers were in contention for the championship.

Top 16

Conor wins against Sposob, and Wiecek is out of the competition for the title!

Furthermore, there will be new analysis after Top 16, so stay tuned!

#DrifterR1 Ireland 🇮🇪R2 Sweden 🇸🇪R3 Finland 🇫🇮R4 Latvia 🇱🇻R5 Germany 🇩🇪R6 Poland Q 🇵🇱R6 Poland T 🇵🇱Total
1Conor Shanahan70321085590448407
2Lauri Heinonen8856545370648375
3Juha Rintanen3210349765148359

Let’s begin by examining the current state of the championship, considering the many possible variations.

Juha Rintanen 🇫🇮

Juha at least has to win the event and needs some other results to go in his favour:

Conor will not advance to the Top 4.

We have plenty of options if Juha loses in the final.

Lauri Heinonen 🇫🇮

Dustin Bents

Lauri at least has to win the event and needs some other results to go in his favour:

Conor will not get the podium.

We have plenty of options if Lauri loses in the final.

Conor Shanahan 🇮🇪

If Conor gets the Warsaw podium, he will win the 2023 Drift Masters European Championship.

If Conor loses in the Top 16, there are plenty of options.

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