Allstars#12 RabócsiRing event overview

Allstars#12 RabócsiRing event overview – Michal Wojtan crowned as a new competition-winner in Hunakamo Drifting Pro Series, Oszkár Bócsik 2nd, Csaba Cselőtei 3rd.

On 1st June, the second stage of the Drifting Pro Series in Máriapócs took a crazy sequence: hectic weather conditions, unfortunate accidents and electrifying night battles and in the end, there was a new winner to crown in the Pro category. Meanwhile, the season opener Pro2 Series competition resulted in familiar faces on the podium.

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During the qualifying session, changing weather conditions and unexpected rainstorms seemed to turn the order upside down: Peter Viktorin and his V8 turbo E30 topped up qualifying in his very first competition at the circuit of RabócsiRing. Krisztián Zilizi – representing Markom Racing Team with his E36 M50 turbo – was left behind with only 1 point less than Viktorin. Polishman Michal Wojtan finished 3rd with his backup BMW E46 as his Rocket Bunny S13 had not been drift-ready.

Pro category competition

Although the main competition happened in completely dry conditions, it did not lack massive surprises. Tamás Magyar, the best Hungarian driver of Round 1 at Slovakia Ring, had an unlucky accident with the wall while facing his Markom Racing teammate, Oszkár Bócsik, in the Top 4. Thus, Oszkár had the opportunity to clash with the current leader of the Drifting Pro Series rankings, Michal Wojtan. No decision was made after the first battle of these 2 drivers: the judges called one more time. In the second part of the tandem, minor differences convince judges to give Wojtan the victory over Oszkár. The driver of the BMW 6 Series E63, Csaba Cselőtei, had 2x one more time battles before ending up on the 3rd step of the podium. First, in the Top 16, Csaba advanced against reigning Czech champion Michal Vychodil, and then he defeated Krisztián Zilizi as well. Due to the previously mentioned unfortunate collision, Tamás Magyar finished 4th without battling Csaba for the 3rd spot.

Pro2 category competition

As there was no Pro2 class race at Power Fest Slovakia Ring, the season opener of Pro2 pilots happened in the framework of the Allstars#12 event. 2023 champion Robert Horensky continued where he ended last year: the owner of the Jägermeister E36 had a perfect weekend, winning both the qualifying session and main competition. His compatriot Peter Kapajcik and local competitor Zsolt Vinnai grabbed second and third spots, and Andreas Geithner from Germany finished fourth.

The coworkers of Hunakamo Sport Management don’t stop for a minute as they are already working hard on the upcoming TrackWood Drift Festival that will host the 3rd round of Drift Kings International Series, 3rd round of Hunakamo Drifting Pro Series and 2nd round of Hunakamo Drifting Pro2 Series.

Tickets for visitors are available online at

The registration has been opened for Pro and Pro2 category drivers at

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