Hungarian update 2024 calendar!

Hunakamo, the organizers of the Hungarian Drift Championship, have taken a step towards promoting the sport by sharing the dates for the upcoming 2024 season. This will enable fans and enthusiasts to plan and attend the events, providing an opportunity for the drift community to grow and thrive.

Drift Games

1st May
Event name: Drift Games
Location: Slovakiaring

One of the driver’s favorite circuits – SlovakiaRing, returns to the Hungarian drifting calendar as the traditional opening round on the 1st of May. The 180km/h entry speed is one of the highest in Europe; only the bravest pilots dare register for this mean event!


1st June
Event name: Allstars#12
Location: RabócsiRing

The title fight is to be continued exactly 1 month later as we jump into the summer. All the drift races organized in Mariapocs come with a special atmosphere, and this one will be no exception. The cooperation with the Czech Drift Series and FIA Central European Zone will result in us having the best middle European drivers to face each other at the famous RabócsiRing race track.

Drift Kings

TrackWood Drift Festival

11-12-13rd July
Event name: TrackWood Drift Festival
Location: RabócsiRing

The event that needs no introduction in the European drifting scene! TrackWood Drift Festival, the biggest night drift festival in the Middle European area, will happen in July. As usual, the cauldron of Máriapócs will welcome pilots from all over Europe, and it will be not only round 3 of the Hungarian championship but the Drift Kings International series as well.

Drift Masters

Very Big Race

23-24th August
Event name: “Very Big Race”
Location: RabócsiRing

Although it doesn’t count in the Hungarian professional drifting championship, it’s important to mention that the biggest-ever drift event in the history of Hungarian motorsport will occur in Máriapócs in August 2024. After 6 years of absence, Drift Masters will bring its craziest drivers to Hungary, and you don’t want to miss this!


19-20th October
Event name: Final
Location: Brno circuit

We can say it’s already our tradition to close the year with the evergreen drift event of the Czech Drift Series, everybody knows: 3rd weekend of October is Brno time! Once held every year, the event at the Brno racing circuit is an excellent occasion to celebrate the end of the drift season together.

Discounted price pre-sale tickets for the races in Máriapócs RabócsiRing are available here.

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