Drift Masters 2022 tandem battle analysis

A few weeks back, we conducted an analysis of the previous season’s Drift Masters European championship qualifications, which can be found here. As we are only two days away from the start of the 2023 season, we would like to present another significant piece of information – the analysis of the 2022 Drift Masters tandem battles.

After thoroughly examining all the tandem brackets from last year’s competition, we have identified the drivers who emerged victorious in over 50% of their battles.

#11 Juha Rintanen

Battles won: 53.8% (7:6)

Juha hasn’t stood on the podium in four years, but he’s been consistently finishing in the Top 8 in 2022. This has helped the Finnish driver win over 50% of his tandem battles.

Best season result: Top 8 (round 3, Sweden; round 4, Latvia; round 6, Poland)

Juha Rintanen drifter profile

#9-10 Andrius Vasiliauskas

Battles won: 57.1% (4:3)

Last year Lithuanian only twice appeared in the Top 32 battles (Ireland and Germany), but both times were doing good. In Mondello Park, Andrius faced James Deane in the Top 16 and managed to finish 4th in Ferropolis.

It should be noted that Vasiliauskas encountered technical issues in Greinbach and didn’t qualify in Riga and Lodz.

Best season result: 4th (round 5, Germany)

Andrius Vasiliauskas drifter profile

#9-10 Pawel Korpulinski

Battles won: 57.1% (4:3)

It appears that Pawel has a fondness for German soil. The Polish participant took part in three events last year and came in second place in Germany, with Jack Shanahan being the winner.

Best season result: 2nd (round 5, Germany)

Pawel Korpulinski drifter profile

#8 Adam Zalewski

Battles won: 57.1% (8:6)

Adam has achieved six podium finishes in the Drift Masters European Championship since 2018, with half of them taking place at the Greinbach track.

Best season result: 3rd (round 2, Austria)

Adam Zalewski drifter profile

#7 Tor Arne Kvia

Drift Masters nuotr.

Battles won: 57.9% (11:8)

Last year, the Norwegian competitor “Sledgehammer” achieved Top 4 status three times, with the highest achievement being in Sweden, where Kvia defeated Deane in the battle for third place. However, it is unfortunate that Tor will not be participating in this year’s championship.

Best season result: 3rd (round 3, Sweden)

Tor Arne Kvia drifter profile

#6 Oliver Evans

OlecoDrift photo

Battles won: 60.0% (6:4)

It’s unfortunate that we will be losing another individual in 2023, including Oliver, who had a strong finish last season. Despite facing a significant crash during the tandem battles, Evans was able to secure a victory at the Lodz event.

Best season result: 1st (round 6, Poland)

Oliver Evans drifter profile

#5 Duane McKeever

Battles won: 61.5% (8:5)

Irishman got a wildcard for the opening round in Modello Park. Duane was flying in Sweden but couldn’t overcome a man from Cork – Jack Shanahan.

Best season result: 2nd (round 3, Sweden)

Duane McKeever drifter profile

#4 James Deane

Battles won: 70.8% (17:7)

Although his championship hopes were dashed at the Ferropolis event, his epic battle with Piotr Więcek in Riga was a highlight of last year!

Best season result: 2nd (round 4, Latvia)

James Deane drifter profile

#2-3 Conor Shanahan

Battles won: 77.3% (17:5)

Last year, Conor achieved three podium finishes, one of which was a win in Austria, where he beat the champion Piotr Więcek. As a result, he is now considered one of the favourites to win the Drift Masters title this year.

Best season result: 1st (round 2, Austria)

Conor Shanahan drifter profile

#2-3 Jack Shanahan

Battles won: 77.3% (17:5)

Jack has three victories, two of which were archived last season – Irishman was unstoppable in Sweden and Germany. He won the same amount of tandem battles last year as his brother Conor – 17!

Best season result: 1st (round 2, Sweden; round 5, Germany)

Jack Shanahan drifter profile

#1 Piotr Więcek

Battles won: 83.3% (20:4)

The 2021 champion was unstoppable last year as well. The Polish driver has already won 5 events, just one less than James Deane.

Best season result: 1st (round 1, Ireland; round 4, Latvia)

Piotr Więcek drifter profile

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