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IRON DRIFT KING reveals plans – no qualification and free tyres!

A couple of days ago, the IRON DRIFT KING’s organizers released a statement about moving forward without the Drift Masters series for 2024. Read more about it.

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Now we have got more information about the upcoming event in August. These were the key points:

  • The event is designed to give people a good time. It’s a motorsport festival. The audience has the chance to be super close to the track, and it’s a unique venue with an artificial lake, gigantic mining machines and a track built in an arena, food village, car show, camping, shuttle busses and DJs;
  • IRON DRIFT KING wants to create a stronger connection between the drivers and the drift fans;
  • Qualification will be done by fan activation and a special voting app, so the fans decide how high a driver qualifies;
  • IDK will accept exactly 64 drivers because of the Top 64 system;
  • IDK will run a Top 64 double elimination format, and even after losing in the Top 64, the driver still has a chance to win the event – this should take off some stress from the competition;
  • Tyre width will be limited to 265;
  • IDK is going to make sure that the teams have just to pay for the tires they use in practice;
  • Instead of three judges as usual, IDK will add two more to have cleaner results, so there will be 5 judges in total;
  • There will be a track layout change – 25km/h faster entry speed;
  • Prize money – 50 000 euros. The Top 4 will get the majority of it, and from the 5th to the 16th, everybody will get the same share;
  • IDK will offer Track walks done by the drivers of the event;
  • The finale top 16 will be held on Saturday night.
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