POWER FEST Slovakia Ring 2024 event preview

On 1st May, the FIA 2nd grade licensed Slovakia Ring circuit is giving home to the opening round of Hunakamo Drifting Pro Series and Race The Streets championships in the frame of POWER FEST Drag, Drift & Tuning May Day. 

Initiative of POWERFEST

“POWER FEST is an opportunity to spend the Slovak national public holiday (May 1st) in the atmosphere of roaring engines, shiny tuning cars, and endless smoke from under the tyres” – Slovakia Ring.

Slovakia Ring has returned to Hunakamo Drifting Pro Series calendar after 4 years of absence. Szabolcs Béres, the CEO and organizer of the Drifting Pro series, expresses his joy about the return: “Covid pandemic has caused irreversible damages to our beloved sport. In the previous 4 years, we didn’t have the chance to visit the amazing Slovakia Ring, so I can’t tell you how happy we are to go back there finally!”

The exhilarating list of competitors consists of names from 6 different countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Slovenia. 

Starting Grid

The most acknowledged participants will be:

🇭🇺Norbert Zamecz, 2019-2023 Drift Masters driver and 2018 Hungarian vice-champion

🇦🇹Daniel ‘Brandy’ Brandner, 2018-2019 Drift Masters driver

🇭🇺Patrik Cselőtei, 2021 Hungarian champion  and 2023 Drift Kings vice-champion

🇨🇿Michal Vychodil, 2023 Czech Drift Series Champion

🇭🇺Tamás Magyar, 2019 Hungarian Vice-champion

🇨🇿Pavel Hudecek, 2019 Czech Drift Series vice-champion

🇭🇺Robert Petri 2023 Best Hungarian driver in Hunakamo Drifting Pro Series

🇵🇱Marcin Banowicz, 2019 TrackWood Drift Festival winner and 2014 City Drift Challange champion

The organizers have recently published the full list of 40+ pilots and the competition timetable.

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